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Introducing The "Attract & Retain" Formula

The Attract & Retain Formula is a step by step marketing system that helps real estate agents ditch the hard core sales prospecting strategies they are told to follow and implement systems that build a brand people know, like, trust, & REFER!REMD_Funnel

You will leave this event with over $2,000 of training absolutely FREECourses-Poster-1

First, you will build out a Referral Marketing System in your business.


  • Why You Need A Referral Marketing System...

    Did you know that 36% of all agent business comes from referrals? Did you know that 23% of all agent business comes from past clients? Your database is your largest source of business, but how do you keep your brand in front of it without feeling like you are begging for business? Easy, you adapt a relationship marketing strategy. Have you ever had someone buy or sell a house without you? This is how to avoid that by taking a "sell without selling" in real estate.

Once you have a system that keeps your brand at the forefront of your database, it's time to give you the skills that ATTRACT business. You do this by implementing Transactional Marketing Systems in your business.  


Transactional Marketing Systems define your product or service.  For example: having a REAL listing marketing plan is an example of having an effective transactional marketing system in your practice.

  • Why You Need A Real Online Listing Marketing Plan

    What's your marketing plan for selling your listings? Sellers are beginning to realize that they can easily list their home online without a Realtor. If you want to compete against "less expensive" options, you need to sharpen your marketing skills. In today's market you have to do more than put a sign in the yard and list it on the MLS because sellers don't want to hire a Realtor, they want to hire a marketer!

BONUS SESSION: Do you want to amplify your video marketing game? Instead of trying to chase after tire kicker leads, we are going to share how to ATTRACT buyers and sellers using video. It's a lot easier than you think!


  • Why You Need To Be Using Video In 2017 & Beyond!

    Did you know that 79% of all internet traffic will come from video by 2018? Did you know that video generates 1200% more shares? We are going to show you how to capitalize on video and outshine your competition. You are going to walk away with a 12 month video marketing strategy to implement in 2017 and beyond so you never need to worry about what kinds of videos to create. Ultimately you will learn how to use viedo to make you the local expert amongst your database and in your local geographic area.

  • How To Use Facebook Video Ads The Right Way

    It's 2017 so you should know a little something about Facebook, but do you know how to implement a Facebook retargeting video strategy that attracts buyers and sellers to you? You will learn how to place your ads in front of an audience that is more likely to do business with you. Quit wasting money BOOSTING posts, that's for rookies!

So Do You Really Need More Reason To Come? Here's What They Said About The Last One...

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