Brand You University

The only course in real estate that teaches you how to build a strong personal brand people know, like, trust, and refer WITHOUT having to always talk about real estate...

Normally $497  Today $97

Have you ever logged onto Facebook and found out someone close to you bought or sold a house without you?  This course was created to help you avoid that from ever happening again.

Having A Strong Personal Brand Helps Eliminate That!

You will learn how t use video to build a STRONG personal brand your database knows, likes, trusts, and REFERS. Agents with a strong personal brand are LESS LIKELY to be forgotten and MORE LIKELY TO BE REFERRED OR HIRED!

60% of ALL consumers work with agents they already know, used in the past, or are referred to.

72% of Buyers & Sellers Work With The First Agent They Meet.

 It's not your database's job to refer you business, it's your job to remind them to!

If the majority of your business is dependent on 3rd party lead generation companies, you are not running a business.  You are just another sales person chasing leads built up on a house of cards because all LEAD generation strategies eventually die off.

This is a step by step playbook of  how to take a video content marketing approach to relationship building and throw ALL  "salesmanship" out the window and start ATTRACTING clients.

We'll lay out the entire strategy so you can begin building your own personal brand with video being "everywhere all the time".

Here's What's Included:

Module 1- Why Your Database is Your Largest Source Of Business

Lesson 1- The Difference Between Marketing An Audience & A Database

Lesson 2- The Secret Reason Someone Refers You Business

Lesson 3- Understanding Communication Impact With Video

Lesson 4- What The F#@! Is Your Brand? The Most Important Lesson In Marketing Your Real Estate Business

Module 2- How To Attract Referrals Being Everywhere All The Time

Lesson 1 -Amplifying Your Personal Brand With Video & Becoming A Local Celebrity

Lesson 2-Why You Should Video Email Your Database Consistently

Lesson 3-Why You Should Farm Your Database With Direct Mail

Lesson 4-How Creating Videos On Social Media Reminds Your Database You're In Real Estate

Lesson 5- The 6 Step Referral “Thank You” Checklist Every Referral Based Business Should Adapt

Lesson 6- BONUS WEBINAR: How To Create Content On Your Site That Attract & Converts Visitors 

Module 3- Video Basics, Tools, & Set Up

Lesson 1-The Equipment

Lesson 2- Video Prep Steps

Lesson 3- Green Screen Set Up

Lesson 5- Green Screen Content & Blogs

Module 4- The Shots

Lesson 1- The B-Roll Shots

Lesson 2- The Tripod Shots

Lesson 3- The DIY Video Bootcamp Replay

Module 6- The Scripts

Lesson 1-Business Interview

Lesson 2- Point Of Interest & Neighborhood Video Script

Lesson 3- Client Case Study/Testimonials

Lesson 4- Agent Spotlight

Lesson 5- Before & After

Lesson 6-Green Screen


Module 7- The Process

Lesson 1-Pre-Production Checklist

Lesson 2- During Production Checklist

Lesson 3- Post Production Distribution Checklist

Why It’s Just $97?

I’m only charging $97 for 2 reasons:

Reason #1:
$97 is affordable for any agent serious about building a brand.

Reason #2:
Anyone who won’t invest $97 in their own brand isn’t serious enough to follow the system anyway.

If for any reason you think this isn’t the best $97 you’ve ever spend, just send me an email and I’ll gladly refund you the whole $97.


These are the facts...

10-15% of your network is moving this year.

100% of your network has the ability to refer you at least 1 people this year.

Stop chasing strangers and start nurturing relationships!

Building a strong personal brand has one goal.  Become the most known liked, and trusted agent amongst your network so anytime they think of "real estate" your brand is associated with it.

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