IMPORTANT: If you like referrals and have no idea how to market your database or local community with video, but know you should be doing it, you need to read this right now!

Dear Fellow Realtor,

We have big problem brewing …

Let me explain …

The way buyers and sellers look at agents is changing and not for the better.

The Internet and "less expensive" options have changed the playing field . These "less expensive" options are throwing Realtors under the bus and saying YOU'RE a waste of money.

Each month, we see new real estate websites, flat fee brokerages, rebate brokerages, and other gadgets that make it harder for agents to “earn the commission” and still be seen as valuable in the eyes of buyers and sellers.

That’s why I’ve put together this training course.

Inside, I’ve placed my blue print that will teach you how to build a strong personal brand around your real estate business and begin ATTRACTING vs. chasing business using video and local content creation. When you are positioned as the expert, your brand becomes more valuable.

Agents with a strong personal brand don't chase business, it chases them.

You'll learn how to take a video content marketing approach to relationship building and throw ALL  "salesmanship" out the window...

We'll lay out the entire strategy so you can begin building your own personal brand being "everywhere all the time".

Creating Content Using Video To Market Your Database & Local Community

Access Now- Only $29.00

Here’s Exactly What You Get For Only $29 (Normally $147)

Module 1: Why Your Database Is The Largest Source of Business

  1. The Difference Between Marketing An Audience vs. A Database
  2. The Secret Reason People Refer You Business
  3. How To Figure Out What The Hell Your Brand Is?
  4. The Power Of Authenticity: The Real Secret To "Selling Without Selling"




Module 3: Personal Branding & Attraction Based Marketing Webinar Series

  1. What The F#@! Is Your Brand? The Most Important Lesson In Real Estate
  2. How To Become A Local Celebrity using Video & Your Smart Phone
  3. How To Create Content On Your Site That Converts

Module 2: How To Attract Referrals From Your Database By Being "Everywhere All The Time"

  1. Amplifying Your Personal Brand With Video & Becoming A Local Celebrity
  2. How To Get Your Create A  Video Email Campaign That DOESN'T Annoy Your Database

  3. The Kind Of Direct Mail Marketing Your Database Wants You To Send Them

  4. How To Market Your Database on Facebook Without Being A Dooshbag

  5. The 6 Step Referral "Thank You" Checklist Every Referral Based Business Should Adapt

*BONUS: 30 Minute Branding Consult With The Dude ($97) Value 

Your brand is one of the most important components to running your own business.  I'm going to spend 20-30 minutes with you rating your brand and giving you tips on what else you can be doing to stand out. 

How To Become A Local Celebrity Amongst Your Database With Video

Access Now- Only $29

But don't take my word for it...

These are the facts.

Over 65% of business comes from referrals, past clients, or people you already know.

10-15% of your network is moving this year.

100% of your network has the ability to refer you at least 1 people this year. 

I want to teach you how generate the attention of your database using video in your business! Doing this makes keep your brand top of mind while you nurture your relationships with your most important asset, the people you know.

So If You're Sick Of Trying To Figure Out How To Market Your Database Or Local Community With Video, Get The Training

And if the learning experience doesn’t live up to the hype, I’ll give back every penny.

No questions asked, no hassles, and we can still be friends.

Why It’s Just $29?

I’m only charging $29 for 2 reasons:

Reason #1:
$29 is affordable for any agent serious about their business.

Reason #2:
Anyone who won’t invest $29 in their real estate business isn’t serious enough to follow the system anyway.

If for any reason you think this isn’t the best $29 you’ve ever spend, just send me an email and I’ll gladly refund you the whole $29.

Creating Content Using Video To Market Your Database & Local Community

Access Now- Only $29.00
  • Jonathan Fisher
    '"The dude has changed the way I market my business. Now I'm having fun
    Jonathan Fisher
  • D. Roldan-Newell
    "I'm done chasing leads. I'm only focusing on attracting going forward"
    D. Roldan-Newell