Introducing The First Ever DIY Video Training Bootcamp 

The DIY video marketing bootcamp will show you everything about how to create your own videos right from your Smart Phone that will allow you to...

  • Save thousands on videographer costs

  • Have a template to work off of you can use over and over again

  • Create consistent video content without relying on 3rd parties

  • Send us the footage so we can edit it for you


The Types Of Videos You'll Learn How To Shoot

  • The About Video

    The most important video you can have on your website is your About video. The truth is that people do business with agents they know, like, & trust. Your about video is exactly how potential clients can check out what you're about.

  • Neighborhood Videos

    Creating neighborhood videos is an excellent way to keep your brand at the forefront without always having to talk about real estate. They also suggest you are teh local expert while building your authority and keeping your brand at the forefront with your database.

  • Listing Videos

    If you want to complete against the flat fee brokerages who are trying to cut you out of the equation you need to up your game. Here's just one way to compete against them! These will also help build your personal brand as well!

  • Local Interest Videos

    People want to work with the local expert! One of the ways you can build your local brand presence is to create content around the area you work in!

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